Bruton & Middleton Parish Register 1662-1797 - Page 127


Burialls Ao: 1707

Mr. Isaac Jemart Mercht. Departed this Life &ca. in October
y wife of John Briand Overseer att Rich-Neck January the 21st:

Anno Dm. 1708

Mrs. Minitrey the wife of David Minitree a Blacksmith
William Gibbs a very ancient man deceased
Rebecca Pinkethman wid deceased
James Lord a Carpenter deceased
Nicholas Sebrill & Frances his wife deceased Ao 1708
Lucy Drewit the wife of Jonathan Drewitt deceased
Jane Parke the wife of Daniel Parke Esqr deceased
Sara Nicholson the wife of John Nicholson deceased November y 26th:
Cornelius Shehorne the twenty Second day of December buried
Catherine Masterson att Bridget Fidge’s deceased 1708
Lord widow and Relict of James Lord deceased 1708

Ao. Domini 1709

Mr.William Hansford departed this life the: 29th. day of Aprill 1709
Mr. John Ince Keeper of the Prison att Wmsburgh was Buried
August the Twenty Second Ao 1709
    Test Aonymaus

Bruton & Middleton Parish Register 1662-1797 - Page 120



William Wright servant to Daniel Parke Esqr. Drowned
Daniel Mccarte a Labourer departed the: 27th. of September
Mr Philip Wells departed the thirtith day of September 1694
James Knell Cordwainer the thirteenth day of December
Elenor Anderson was buried the seaventeenth day of December
James Gibson was buried the nineteenth day of December
Elizabeth Crocus was buried the twenty second day of December
William Graves was buried the twenty fourth day of December
John Pollard was buried, the third day of Janry. 1694/5
Alice Whitby was buried the fifth day of January
John Teddar was buried the fourteenth day of January
John Manly deceased the fifteenth day of January
Mr. Samuel Timson buried the twenty fifth day of January
Henry Goodwin departed this life in Aprill Ao. 1695
Mr. Peter Temple of Hampton Parish bur. the first day of Aprill

Ao 1695

Alexander Bonyman Junior bur: the thirteenth day of Aprill
Mrs: Katherine Thorp Buried the Eight day of June
Elizabeth Myres A Servt: att Mr. Abraham Vinklers
Elizabeth the daughter of Mr Hen: Tyler decd the 30th of July

Bruton & Middleton Parish Register 1662-1797 - Page 125


Anno: 1703

October: George A servant to Mr. John Man: the tenth
  Thomas Ward dep. the of November 1703
  William Stevens senr. of November 1703
Nov. John Casey a Taylor departed 1703
Xbr. Job Cocking a Shoomaker departed December
  Nicholas Hamner: A Planter 1703
Xbr: Joseph Man & John Bartlett 1703
May: Mary the wife of Ralph Hubbard the ninth 1704
May Thomas Farmar of James Citty parish 1704
June Lidia Dyer the wife of Henry Dyer June the eight Ao. 1704
June Crab a wheelright departed June the 13th. 1704
  Mary the wife of Joseph White Augt the 17: 1704
  John Syncock a Carpenter September the Eleaventh 1704
Ao. 1705 Edward son of Wm. Davis of Q. Creek Aprill the twenty seventh
  John Wetherford a Carpenter in Aprill Anno 1705:
May 3d Mr. John Archer son of Mrs. Eliza. Archer Q. Creek Ao. 1705
y: 17th: Robert West departed & was Buried Ao: 1705
1705 Mr. Timothy Pinkethman was buried the Nineteenth of May

Bruton & Middleton Parish Register 1662-1797 - Page 124


Burialls Ao: 1703

  Thomas Cobbs the thirtith day of December


  Elizabeth wife to Mr Henry Tyler Janry: 19th:
Eod: Emanuel Desveer a Portuguez. the same day
  Mary Dyer wid the Fourteenth of March 1702


  Frances the wife of John Steward Apr: the 2d:
  William White Planter Apr. the Second
  George a Servt. to John Young Apr. the 22th:
  Albertus Warren decd. the twenty fifth Apr bur.
  Margaret Bently: ux: J Bently the 30th: Aprill 1703
  James Harrison Son of Wm. Harrison: May 9th: 1703
  Mr George Martin: the twelfth day of May 1703
1703 John Web A Carpenter by a Fall off a Horse
  June the nineteenth 1703
July 21th: Frances Massey daughter of Brathwait
7br. Henry Brower the Seaventeenth of Septembr 1703
Septr. Nickolas Mitchell September the 25th: 1703
Octo. 2d: Goodwin the wife of Goodwin a Taylor 1703

Bruton & Middleton Parish Register 1662-1797 - Page 123


Buried: Ao: 1701/2

Thomas Clayton a Bricklayer the Sixth day of February:

Ao: 1702

William Sanders a Carpenter the 30th day of March
Susanna the wife of Hen: Brewer in April
Mr Adrian Preston writing Master Apr. the nineteenth
Mrs Mary Pinkethman ux. Wm. Pinkethman the 21th. Apr.
Mary Clayton widow in July 1702
Mr Harvy a mercht: July the twenty third of July 1702
Elizabeth Shelburn Augt: the ninth Ao. 1702
The Reverend Mr Cope Doyly the 27 September Ao 1702
Mrs Mary Timson wid October the Eleaventh 1702
Elenor Harrison daugher of Mary Bonyman Octo: the 14.1702
Ann Pynes widow decd Octobr. the Eleaventh 1702
Elizabeth the wife of Mr. John Page Novem. the fifteenth 1702
the wife of Mr Lawrence Green Nov. the 16th: 1702
Mary Teer widow in December

Bruton & Middleton Parish Register 1662-1797 - Page 122


Burialls Ao. 1699

: Elenor the wife of Alexander Bonyman clr: of this Parish
: departed on Sond. the 28th Feb. buried the First day of March
: Robert Brookes of this parish departed & buried
  John Stafford of this Parish buried November the ninth Ao 1699

Anno Dom 1699

y 18th: John Borman Overseer at Mr Whaley’s was buried November.
Jan. 2st. Peter Johnson died the: 18 of January buried & P. Margent
feb. 12 Magdalen the wife of Joseph White was Buried
Novr: Edward Davis of Queen’s Creek, departed this Life
  Edmund Pines departed & was buried the 16th November
  Susanna Evans departed & was buried the of December
  the wife of Henry Nicholson Buried the of December
  Thomas Teer of ScimAnno Sen decd the 10th. December
  Robert Haley a Singleman the: 18th. Day of December Buried

Anno Dom. 1700/1

  William Jackson departed & was Buried March the 12th.
  John Bates departed & was buried the 30th. of March 1701
  Eliza. Doyley Filia Cope Doyley Cl. Sepulta. 9th. Aprill
  Frances a hired servt. to Mr J Whaley: Sep 14 Apr.

Bruton & Middleton Parish Register 1662-1797 - Page 113

John Garland buried, January the 29th:
George Bridges was buried in February
Leonard Dickeson was buried the same Month
James Brand was buried, March the Second
Thomas Rogers was buried March the Eight
Unity the wife of George Robison buried.
John the Son of John Bates buried the tenth


Mr: Valentine Evans deceased March the 29th:
John Stevens deceased
William Jones Servant to Mr. George Norwell buried
Richard Peirse departed this life
Robert Miller departed this life
George Burkry A Dutchman was buried.
Sarah Gilbert Spinster depted this life
Sarah Giles the wife of Edward Gyles March the 27th:
Joan the wife of John Meeke: April the Seaventh
John Whiting was buried: April the: 12th:
Richard Crooke was buried the: 26th:
Joan the wife of William Jackson the 29th:

Bruton & Middleton Parish Register 1662-1797 - Page 112

the wife of William Stephens Octo. the 27th.
Joseph Bascom deceased November the thirteenth
Margaret Bell Spinster deceased Jan: the Ninth:
Rebecka White Spinster deceased January the tenth
Thomas Broad deceased the twenty fifth day of January:
Dorcas the wife of William Atwood departed the same day
Thomas Summers Deceased January the 28th:
Mr. George Norwell Deceased the twenty Ninth
Edward Davis deceased Jan: the 16th:
Anne the wife of the said Edward Davis decd Janry.
Evan Owen Deceased, February the Eighth:
Christopher Walter deceased Febr. the tenth
William Martin deceased the fourteenth
Elizabeth the wife of Thomas Jeffreys the: 14th.
Sarah Hale deceased
Margaret Owen widow Deceased Febr
Constant Davis the wife of William Davis deceased
Edward Wadsworth deceased
Edward Evans a Joyner deceased
Anne the daughter of John Teddar buried Feb. prd.

Bruton & Middleton Parish Register 1662-1797 - Page 111



Abraham the son of John Vadin the 24th of May
John the son of John Vadin the Fourth day of June
Anne Winckcom deceast the 27 of August
Mr Robert Handy the twenty ninth of August departed
Thomas the son of Nicholas Sebrell september the 25th:
Henry the son of Henry Tyler September the 27th.
Mrs. Cobbs a widow relict of Mr Robert Cobbs the 7th. of October
Humphrey the Son of Robert Lounsdale the 29th of October
the Son of Edward Jones Merchant the 6th. of November
Thomas Owen died suddenly near the Church: March the Eighteenth


Anne Digby wife of Charles Digby departed this life in July
Richard Aynsley, Overseer at Mr. Gardners departed Augt. the 9th:
Arthur Juxton att Mr. Timson’s in January:
Margaret the wife of Andrew Cole decd. the: xith of February
the wife of Thomas Summers decd. Feb: the: 22th
Susanna the wife of Job Cocking departed Feb:
William Oxley deceased in March


George Hewbank drowned July the seaventh
Jane Jones the Wife of Edward Jones planter Augt the: 12th:
Katherine the wife of Henry Brewer Deceast Octo the 20th