Bruton & Middleton Parish Register 1662-1797 - Page 61


Births and Baptisms of Slaves

1748 Slaves Names Owners Names Baptisms Births
  Dick belonging Mrs. Tarpley May 1st
  Hannah Coll. Custis pd.  
      June 5
  Thomasin Mr. Matt: Moody  
Adult Lincoln Mr. Thos. Hornsby  
Children Frances Col. Burwell  
  Lucy Mrs. Blaikley August 7
  Bob Mrs. Steel  
  John Doctr. Dixon D.  
  Joseph Mr. Matt: Moody   Octobr. 1st
  Frances Mrs. Hubard Widow  
  Judith Ditto Octobr. 2d.
  Harry Coll Custis pd
  Sukey The Same pd
  Sukey Mr. Matt: Pierce
  Anne Williams, Negroe ch Honr. John Blair
      Novembr. 6th
  William Mr. John Holt Mercht.
Adults Jupiter Mr. Matt: Moody
  Sarah To Mr. Thos Hornsby
Infants Robin James Bates Decemr. 4th.
  Lucy Mr. William Prentis
  John Mrs. Kitty Burdett
  William John Coke   Janr.20th.
  Effy Peyton Randolph Esqr. pd +
  Charly The same pd +
  Robin John Taylor Feb. 5th
  Elias John Blair Esqr.
Adult Harry Mr. James Wray
  John Comissary Dawson
      March 5th
  Belinda Mr. Wm. Hubard

Bruton & Middleton Parish Register 1662-1797 - Page 63


Births & Baptisms of Slaves



  Slaves Names Owners Names Baptisms Births
  Elizabeth William Timson  
  Dorcas The same  
  Sam Mrs. Scarborough  
  Thomas Coll. Custis pd  
  Milly John Russel  
  Henry James Shields
  Fanny Edward Tarpley  
  Nanny The same  
  Jemmy Landon Carter April 2d.
  Effy Doctr. Gilmer
  Molly Docr. Mc.kenzie
  Patty Mr. James Wray
adults Charles Doctr. Gilmer
  Marcus Est: Bacon Burwell
  Mary Mr. John Palmer
  John James Shields
  Glascow College
  Margaret The same
  Jemmy Coll Bray.  
  Anthony the same May 7th.
  James Peyton Randolph Esqr pd  
  Eve Doctor Dixon D
  Ned Mrs. Gough
  Peggy Landon Carters
adult Juno Coll. Lewis Burwell
  Gabriel the same
  Richard John Blair Esqr.
  Phillis Mr. Thomas Everard
  Mary Mark Cosby  
  Kitty Revd. Mr. Thos. Robinson June 11th.
  June Benja. Bryan

Bruton & Middleton Parish Register 1662-1797 - Page 52

Baptisms of White

Moses-Carter A Basterd Son of Elizabeth Maloney By the Speakers Moses Was Born
William Son of James Anderson & Hannah his Wife Born January 2d: 1767
Elizabeth Daughter of James & Elizabeth Bell Was Born Febr: 16 1767
William Son of Robert & Ann Bond His Wife Was Born Febr 12 1767
John Grierson Son of William Rind & Clementine-Jane His Wife Was born March 16 1767
John Mc:Carty Son of William Sealy Lane & Courtney His Wife Was Born Decr. 28 1767
Son of Alixander Purdy & Mary His Wife Was Born March 17th: 1767
Sarah Daughter of Richard Street & Dianna His Wife Was Born Febr 26th 1767
Elzabeth Daughter of Israel Allways & Martha His Wife free Mulattas
Was Born March 13th 1767
Robert Son of Tomkins Martyr & Martha His Wife Was Born March 15th 1767
Richard Son of Abraham Cole & Ann His Wife Was Born January 26th: 1767
Son of James & Francis Southall his Wife Was Born April 21. 1767
John Son of James Jones & Margrett His Wife free Mullatto Born March 28th. 1767
Elizabeth Daughter of George Wilson & Elizabeth His Wife Was Born May 4th 1767
Ann Daughter of John Dewbre & Mary His Wife Was Born March 30th: 1767
Mary Daughter of the Honble: Robert Carter & Frances His Wife Was Born
Febr 27th 1767: and Baptized May 30th: 1767
Fanny Daughter of Benjm. & Martha Waller His Wife Was Born april 6th: 1767
& Baptized April 19th  
Sally Daughter of Richard & Sarah Brown His Wife Was Born June 4th:
and Baptized July 12th: 1767
Susannah Daughter of Suky Chavis a free Mullata Was Born June 21th 1767
Mary Daughter of Jonathan Prosser & Mary his Wife August 19th: 1767
Francis Son of Francis Durfey & Elizabeth His Wife Born october 10th: 1767
John Son of Edmond Sanders and Ann His Wife Was Born october 4th: 1767
Elizabeth Jackson Daughter of John Timson and Sarah His Wife Was Born october, 9th: 1767
and Baptized Novm: 15th: 1767
John Son of John White and Mary his Wife Was Born october. 11th: 1767 and
Baptized Novm: 15th: 1767
William Twins Bastards of Mary Meace Widow of Peter Meace Was Born
Ann Novm: 9th: 1767 and Baptised same Day
Mary A Bastard Daughter of Sarah Penney Was Born October 3d: 1767 and Baptized

Bruton & Middleton Parish Register 1662-1797 - Page 56

Mary Hewes Daughter of Henry Field Born April 4, 1777
John son of Revd. John & Sarah Bracken born June 17. 1779
Frances, Daugr. of Humphrey & Sarah Harwood Born August 20th:
John Meed son of Willm. & Elizabeth Lark. born May 10.
Christian son of Druits a Dane baptised July 13 died 18
July 21. Ann Daughter of Charles & Elizabeth Lisle born 29 March
Mary daughter of Holmar & Sarah Minnis born 25. Novr. 1781
John son of Beverly & Mary Dickson
Aug. 25. Edward Smith Son of Wm. & Ann Jiggits born 21. July
John Rochambeau Son of Philip and Judith Moody
8. John son of John & Sarah Wright born 28. July
11 Matilda Aylett daughter of Saml. & Elizabeth Anne Beall born March
19. Sarah daugher Philip & Rebecca Bullifant born 13. Jany.
Oct. 6 Richard son of Richard & Booker
7 Fanny daughter of John & Mary Redcross born 18. March 1781. Free Mulattas
22. Sally daughter of Thomas & Sarah Bristow born. 23. Aug
24 Fanny Daughter of John & Anne Carter born 3 Sepr.
29 Sylla & Sally twin daughters of Joseph & Frances Crawley
7. John Lewis Son of Jesse & Sarah Lewis. Free Mulattoes. born 22 Aug
22 Molly daughter of Ambrose & Sarah Jackson born Oct. 18
23 Jane daughter of Wm. & Elisabeth Russell
2d. Nancy daughter of Andrew & Mary Flax
Julia Carter Daughter of John & Sarah Bracken born Novr. 16.
7 Elizabeth Garland daughter of Wm. & Eleanor Pitt born Novr. 23
25. Elizabeth daughter of Hulitt & Jane Rollison born 22. Sepr.
5. Lydia daughter of Wm. & Rachael Williams. Free Mulat.
2. Matt. son of Sylla Wallace a Free Mulattoe
16 Sarah Trebell daughter of John M. & Judith Galt.
19 John son of Samuel & Elizabeth Dubree born 28 Dec. 1782
26. John son of William & Rebecca Baker born 27. Oct. 1782
2. John son of Elizabeth Banks. Free Mulatoe
6. John Lyons son of Betty Armfield born 22d. Jany. F. Mulatoe
Do. Mathew son of Elizabeth Bartlett born 25 Jany. Do.
7: Elizabeth Daughter Revd. Robt. Andrews & Elizabeth
Robert Son of  
8 John Craig son of J. W. Sheilds & Jane his wife born 17. Jany.
14 James son of James & Mary Galt born 24 Jany.
Elizabeth daughter of Henry & Margaret Elizabeth Nicholson Born 22d February
2d Joseph son of Joseph & Margaret Prentis
10 James son of John & Mary Ratcliff born Jany. 18
13. Catherine daughter of John & Lucretia Blasingham born Jany. 19
Betsey daughter of Charles & Scarbourough Orrel born 10. March
Charlotte daughter of Rebecca Wallace Free Mulat.
14 Wm. Swiney son of Wm. Lutson & Ann Bolton. 5. Jany.
25. James son of Joseph & Jane Wallace born 25. Sep
of John Farquasson

Bruton & Middleton Parish Register 1662-1797 - Page 55


Wm. the Son of John Tazewell & Sarah baptized by Wm. Bland Nov. 12th. 1768
Peter Randolph Son of Walther Lenox and Elizabeth His Wife Was Born october 28th: 17
Nathaniel Son of William Saunders & Ann His Wife Was Born Novm: 4th: 1768
and Baptized Novm: 15th:
Jane Daughter of Richard Brown & Sarah His Wife Was Born Novm: 4th:
and Baptized December 11th: 1768
son of John & Roseanna Dixson His Wife Born Decm 176
Mirrewether son of James & Frances Hubard His Wife Born Oct. 16th. 176
Littleton son of John & Sarah Tazewell His Wife Baptis’d Decm. 176
Nelley the Daughter of John and Mouning Connilly His Wife Was Born Decm:17
Jane Daughter of Elizabeth Maloney a bastard Child by the Speakers Moses Was Born
Decm: 14th: 1768 & Baptized January 2d: 1769
Sephen Son of
& Baptized January 2d: 1769
Elizabith & Ann Reine alias Goodamore Bastard Children By Elizabeth Reine alias Goodamore &
who Came Heare with him Disguis’d in Mans Cloathes from portugal
She Says & ran away from her father. Her first Daughter Elizab
Born 8 Day of may 1766 & the Second Daughter Ann Born October
Humphrey Son of Humphrey Harwood & Sarah his Wife Was
Born July 12th: 1770
Robert, Son of David Morton & Mary his Wife born March 20th. 17
Thomas, Son to Do … Born Decemr. 30th. 17
Mary, Daughter to Do … Born March 4th. 17
David Son to Do … Born Decemr. 15. 17
Anne Garland Carr Daughter to William & Mary Goodson his Wife
Born the 26 April 1776.
William Greenwood Goodson, Son to Wm. & Mary Goodson his
Born the 1st. Day of February 1778.
Samuel Spurr Goodson, Son to Wm. & Mary Goodson
Born the 29th of February 1780
William Son of William & Elizabeth Hunter born J

Bruton & Middleton Parish Register 1662-1797 - Page 27

Octr: 30 1746 (6)
Was Born Elizabeth Daughter of James Davis & Elizabeth his
October 30 1746 Was born John Son of the Revd. Tho Robinson & Editha his
Decr: 27 Born John Son of Thos: Atkins & Sarah his wife
Archibald Blair Son of Honble. John Blair Esqr. & Mary his wife
was Born March 7 Day
Was Born September the 26 Lewis Son of Armistead Burwell
and Christian his Wife 1745
Judith Daughter of John Brown & Judith his Wife born 26. May 174
Was Born Nov: 30 John Son of Armistead Burwell and
Christian his Wife & in the year of our Lord 1746
Was Born May the 4th: 1746
Ann Daughter of Honble: John Blair Esqr & Mary his wife
Pamela Daughter of Thos Holt & Ann his Wife Born November the 20th Day
David & Davis Twins of James Renolds & Elizabeth his wife born Feby: the 27th Day
William Waters Son of Wm: Bradford & Mary his Wife born January the 7th
Martha Daugr: of Man Bryan & Martha his wife born March the 2d Day
Robert Son of Benja: Hansel & Elizabeth his wife born March 16th Day
Mary Daughter Thos: Dickinson and Elizabeth his Wife born May 2d Day
Matthew Son of Daniel Harmfield & Elizabeth his wife free Negros was born February 26
Mary Robinson Daughter of John Rawlison & Eliz: his Wife was born July 10th Day
Billy a Negroe Boy belonging to Mr. Benja. Waller born 15 March
Nanny a Negroe Girl belonging to Mr. Benja. Waller born 18 March.
2d Novembr. William Son of Thomas Wilkins and Anne his wife was born

Bruton & Middleton Parish Register 1662-1797 - Page 54

William Dawson Son of James Clayton and Ann His Wife was born June 25th. 17
& Baptised July 31th:
Charles Son of William Rind and Clementine Jane His Wife Was Born June 25th: 17
George Son of George Haynes & Cathern Milkin aubrey the Wife of William
Aubrey Was Born June 22 & Baptised July 3d: 1768
James Son of James Cocke & Elizabeth His wife Was Born July 21 1768
& Baptised July 30
Samuel -- Son of James Holdcraft & Elizabeth His Wife Was Born July 21th: 1768
and Baptized August 28th 1768
William Son of Blovet Pasteur & Mary His Was Born June 30th: 1768
and Baptised July 24th -- Harrison Son of Matthw. & Kathrine Moody his Wife
Born 29
Phillip Son of George Grymes & Elizabeth His Wife Boath free Mulattas Was Born
april 7th: 1768 & Baptized August 14th:
Mary Daughter of Thomas Macklin & Tomison His Wife Both free Mullattas Was
Born July 11th: 1768: & Baptized August 14th:
James Son of Joseph Bartley & Elizabeth His Wife Boath free Mulattas Was Born
June 26th: 1768: & Baptized August 14th:
Hariet Lucy, Daughter of The Honble. Robert Carter Esqr. & Frances His
Wife Was Born July the 8th: 1768 & Baptized August 14th:
Mary Arnest Daughter of George Arnest & Mary His Wife Was Born August 25th: 1768
Rachel Daughter of William Phillips & Rachel His Wife Was Born april 5th: 1768
and Baptised Septr: 4th: 1768
Robert son of John Rattlif & Mary His Wife Was Born August 2d: 1768
and Baptised Septr: 4th: 1768
Jane How Daughter of William Carter & Rebecca His Wife Was born Septr: the 10th: 1768
John Tyler Son of James Anderson & Hannah his Wife Was Born Septr: 27th: 1768
Mary the Daughter of John Earnshaw & Anne His Wife Was Born Septr: 19th: 1768
and Baptized Septr: 26th: 1768
Charlotte Daughter of Robert & Ann Bond His Wife Was Born May 29th: 1768
Moses Russel son of William Pearman
Mary the Daughter of Stephen May and Martha His Wife october 8th: 1768
Sarah Daughter of John Rowlinson & Elizabeth Garrtt His Houskeeper Was Born
Septr: 21 and Baptized october 23d. 1768
Sarah Daughter of James & Betty Valantine His Wife Was Born Septr: 26: 1768 &
baptized October the 30th.

Bruton & Middleton Parish Register 1662-1797 - Page 28



April the 11th: day Was Born James Wray Son of James and Mary Wray
  And Baptized the 19 Day being Easter Sunday
February the first Was born Jacob Durfey son of Severinus Durfey
  and Mary his Wife of James City at that Time.
  Elizabeth Daughter of Severinus Durphey & Mary his
  Wife Born Septembr 14th. 1732
  Samuel Son of Ditto. born 23d Septemr 1736
  Francis Son of Ditto. born 13th May 1738
  Severinus son of Ditto. born 3d Septembr. 1741
  John Son of John James Hulett and Mary his Wife born the
  8t. January 1741/2
  Elizabeth their Daughter born 7th of september 1744
  Martha their Daughter born 15th March 1745
  Mary their Daughter born the d of June 1749
  Martha Daughter of Mr. Benja. Waller and Martha his
  Wife born 28th. Novembr 1747 -- bapt. 6th Decembr
  Thomas Son of Thomas Robinson & Rachel His Wife
  Was Born october the 14th: 1747

Bruton & Middleton Parish Register 1662-1797 - Page 29

194 (8)

Births and Baptisms

1748 Mary Daughter of Doctr. Kenneth Mc.kenzie and Joanna his Wife
  was born the 14th. April abt. 4 o’clock in the Morning and was baptiz'd
  the 17th. of the same Month.
  Anne Daughter of James Oats and Elizabeth his Wife born
  11th. of January 1747/8
1748 John Son of Dennis Moring and Mary his Wife born 7th. of June --
  baptiz'd 28. August
  May the Born Elizabeth Daughter of Fips Jackson an
  his Wife
Decr. 4. 1748 Baptiz’d James Son of David Musgrove
Jnr. 22 1748/9 Baptiz’d Frances Daughter of James Davis and Frances his Wife
  John son of Wm. Davenport and Anne his Wife
  Elizabeth Daughter of Planey Ward & his Wife.
Janr.19 Baptiz’d John Son of George Russel and Sarah his Wife
Feb. 5 Baptized Mary Daughter of the Reverd. Thomas Robinson and Editha
  his Wife
  Baptiz’d John a Bastard Child of Dorothy Mary Rice
March 5 Baptiz’d John a Bastard of Murphey’s Daughter at Thos Dickenson’s.
  Baptized John Gregory a Bastard Child of Patty Paget
  Henry Son of Joseph James
  John & Eliza Twins of Daniel Hughs and Frances his Wife born 2d. February 1748/9
April Baptized Dudley Son of Dudley Digges of Williamsburg and Mary his Wife
  Hannah Daughter of Thomas Atkins born 20th. Febr. 1748/9
26 Born Anne Daughter of John Back. & his Wife
1748 April 3d Baptiz’d Thos. Son of Elizabeth Stuart a free Mulatta
1747 Novr. 6 Born Reuben Son of Peter Gillet a free Negroe
1748 Augst. 7 Baptiz’d Elston Son of Ned Edwards Formerly Majr. Swineys Slave
Nover 26 Born Eleanor Daughter of Bash Jones a free Negro
May 7 Baptized Elizabeth & Johnny children of Godfrey Mc.klin free mulatta
June 11 Baptized Johnny Peters, Son to Athony Jaspar

Bruton & Middleton Parish Register 1662-1797 - Page 26

Births &c

William Son of Benjamin Hansel and Elizabeth his Wife was born Octobr: the 12th: 1744
Elizabeth Daughter of John and Mary Green his Wife was born March the 18th 1744
John Son of George Jude and Ann his Wife was born December the… 22d: 1744
Robert Son of William and Bethia his wife was born Jany: 28th 1744
Sarah Daughter of James Geddy and Ann his Wife was born January the 8th 1744
Elizabeth daughter of Daniel Mcintosh and Rachel his wife was born January 28th 1744
James Son of John Glass and Mary his Wife was born February… the 27th 1744
Archibald son of Honble John Blair Esq & Mary his wife born March 7th 1744/5
Mildred daughter of Godfrey and Mary his Wife was born November the… 17th 1744
John Son of David Esco and Joannah his Wife was born April the… 25th 1744
Thos: Son of Thomas Dickenson & Eliz: his wife born July… 31st: 1745
Fips Son of Fips Jackson and Frances his wife was born Septer: 3d: 1745
William son of Jno Rawley and Eliz. his wife was born August 3d 1745
John Son of Joseph Cock and Ann his wife was born Sep: 11th … 1745
Ann Dr: of James Davis and Elisabeth his wife was born Februy: 22 1744/5
Rebecka Dr: of Wm: Wellings & Elisab: his wife was born Augt. 13th -- 1745
John free Negro Son of Barbary was Baptized Novr: the 3d 1745
Hannah Harrison Dr: of Jas. Wray & Mary his wife was born Octr 10th 1745
Mary Daughtr: of Richd: Normand & Ann his Wife was born Jay 27th 1745
Robey Son -- of John Coke & Sarah his wife was born Octob 23d. 1745
Sarah Daughter Thos: & Mary Cobbs was Born Feby. 27th 1745
Bethiah Daughter of James Byrd & Elisab:: his Wife was born Feby: 22d … 1745
Susanah Daughter of John Page and Mary his Wife was born Decr: 20th 1745
Waller Son of Col Thos: Jones & Elisab: his wife was born Decr: 18th: 1745
William Son of Kenneth Mc:kenzie & Johanah his Wife born April 10th 1746


Robert Son of Robt: Stevenson & Elisabeth his wife was born April 17 1746
Elisabeth Daughter of Thos: Holt & Elisabeth his wife was born April 19 1746
Frances Daughter of Geo: Camp & Mary his wife was born May the 6 1746
William Son of William Nichols & Mary his wife born May 16 1746
Susanah Daughter of Susan John Lane & sasanah his wife born May 10 1746
Susanah Daughter of Dudly Digs & Mary his wife born May 24… 1746
Christiana Daughter of James Shields & Ann his wife born Decr: 23, 1745
Mary Daughter of Geo: Russel & Sarah his wife born 17th: July 1746
David Son of Abraham Roberts & Elizabeth his wife Octr: 12th 1746
Tabytha Daughter of Jas Barden & Tabytha his Wife born Octobr 3d 1746
Was born Elephalel Daughter of David & Lucy Musgroves