Bruton Parish Church Register 1868-1908 - P.8-9




Bruton Parish Church    
Williamsburg, VA.

Baptismal Corrections:

1881 --          Louise Corcoran Braithwaite, dau. Of
                       Mrs. Delia and Mr Richard Braithwaite
                       Should be dau. Of William H. and Delia

6-24-1883    Richard Manning Braithwaite, son of
                       Richard and Delia Braithwaite.
                       Should be dau. of William H. and Delia

10-27-1878,     Rachel Maud Lee Braithwaite dau. of
                          Corrections made on authority of a sister
                         of the above, Mrs. Virginia B. Honeyhurwout [?]
                         June 28, 1939