Bruton Parish Church Register 1868-1908 - P.202-203

Year Day and Date Place No. Names Age Residence Parents' Names and Residence   Signature of Clergyman Witnesses, and Remarks,
1868 June 30 Rippon Hall, York Co. Va. 1 Samuel O. Phelps 24 Rippon Hall Roderick & Jemima Phelps Long Island N.Y. T.M. Ambler Mr Hovey, Miss Port, Mr Jackson &c
        Jenny C. Chuse 19 Rippon Hall Nehemiah B. & Cemantha Chase Rippin Heale   The Bride from Massachusetts
1868 November 9th Bruton Parish Church 2 William Christian 25 Henrico County William A. & Anna M. Christian Henrico T.M. Ambler Col. J.A. Henley, Mrs Cary, Mrs Henlye
        Harriet Cary 27 Williamsburg Lucius F. & Lucy A. Cary Williamsburg    
1868 November 10 Rectory 3 Lewellin Fortune (colored) 23 Williamsburg Alfred & Elizabeth Fortune   T.M. Ambler  
        Mary A.E. Dixon (colored) 25 Williamsburg Beverly & Louisa Dixon      
1869 May 20 Mr Tilpud[?], Williamsburg 4 John A. Henley 51 Williamsburg Leonard & Harriet Henley   T.M. Ambler  
        Ella G. Servant 32 Williamsburg Samuel & June Servant      
1869 June 16 Bruton Parish Church 5 Joseph V. Bidgird [?] 28 Richmond     T.M. Ambler  
        Sarah M. Maupin 27 Williamsburg        
1869 July 21 Baptist Church Williamsburg 6 John C. Timberlake 40 New Kent County Va. John & Frances Timberlake   T.M. Ambler  
        Missouri Blassingham 16 York County Va. Robert & Mary Blassingham      
1869 November 17 Mothers residence Williamsburg 7 Robert T. Armistead 25 Williamsburg Robert & Julia S. Armistead Norfolk T.M. Ambler  
        Mary Fanny Armistead 23 Williamsburg Francis M. & Virginia A. Armistead Norfolk    
1869 December 22 Bruton Parish Church Williamsburg 8 Thomas Jefferson Stubbs 28 Gloucester Co. Va. J.W. & Ann W.C. Stubbs Gloucester T.M. Ambler The congregation
        Mary Mercer Cosnahan 20 Marengo Co. Alabama J.G. & L.M. Cosnahan [illegible]    
1869 December 23 Mr John Charles' residence, Williamsburg 9 Michael Francis Burke 27 Glasgow, Scotland J.F. & M.A.A. Burke Scotland T.M. Ambler The family
        Maria Curtis Charles 19 James City Co. Va. J.S. & G.W. Charles Williamsburg    
1869 December 28 Bruton Parish Church Williamsburg 10 Travis McIver Southall 29 Williamsburg Albert G. & Virginia F.J. Southall Williamsburg T.M. Ambler The congregation
        Lizzie Minnie Durfey 18 Williamsburg Goodrich & Margaret Durfey both dead    
1869 December 30 At Cary Wilkinsons', James City County 11 Enoch Timothy Martin 27 James City Co. John T. & Sarah A. Martin James City Co. T.M. Ambler Bridesmen & maids
        Anne Bannister Wilkinson 24 York County Va. Craig & Mary E. Wilkinson James City Co.    
1870 December 14 Feb 1 Bruton Parish Church Williamsburg 12 Dr Richard Wise   Easten Williamsburg Gen. H.A. Wise & Mrs Wise Richmond T.M. Ambler Congregation
        Miss Mittie Peachy   Williamsburg W.S. Peachy & Virginia  Williamsburg